My name is Eugenia Monti, Darkam is the pseudonym I use as an artist.
I was born in San Marino in 1985. I graduated at “I.S.A institute” in Urbino, where I studied drawing and animation. There I discovered my passion for comics and illustrated books.
After my graduation I enrolled at the University of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy, where I studied comic and illustration.
In 2006 I attended the Fine Art University of Barcelona for one year, thanks to the Erasmus project. Back in ItalyI graduated in 2009.
 While studying I participated and won several awards, including Blog & Nuvole in 2009, the comic category of the Iceberg award 2006, followed by the publication of my comic story on Inguine Mah!gazine
In 2010 I moved to Berlin, where I still work as a comic designer, illustrator and tattoo artist.

I am currently  resident artist of the parisian gallery La Cave and represented in Italy by Blu Gallery. I am  also part of the london based collective Artcore International.

In 2015 the italian publisher Becco Giallo   published by comic book Piena di Niente  (written by Alessia di Giovanni).

My last work is an illustrated book,  The Sleep Tailors, published by the italian  Blu Gallery Edizioni.


_I Sarti del Sonno, Blu Gallery Edizioni, Italy, 2015

_Piena di Niente, written by Alessia di Giovanni, Becco Giallo, Italy 2014

_ Mozziconi,   comic book published by Edizioni del Vento, Italy, 2009
_ The Land of Silence, self produced illustrated book, Italy, 2010

Along with XLAB gallery andMissTendo I produced the book The end is the beginning, 2012

I collaborated with several magazines and fanzines including:

_ 64 Kamasutra Art Book, Squame, France/Italy, 2014
_Motosega Eroe della Fine, Edizioni Libra,  Italy, 2013
_ Il Libro della Fine, Latitudine42, Italy, 2013
_ #3 WATT Magazine,  Italy, 2013
_ # 1 of Lucha Libre, Italy, 2012
_ # 1 of Weaponizer, U.K., 2012
_ #2 ofStripolis, Serbia, , 2011
_#2 of Squame / Écailles, France/Italy, 2011
_ #3 and #4 of G.I.U.D.A.  Italy, 2011-12

_ # 6 of Lamette,  Illustrated Guide to the most horrible noise," Italy, 2010
_ #118 of Lo Straniero, Italy, 2010
_# 2 Touch, Coniglio Editore, 2010, Italy


_ Alias/Il Manifesto, Italy 4.05.2013
_ DPI, Design Popular Imagination,   Taiwan, March 2010
_ Expoarte # 47, Italy, 2007

Also seen on :
_ Rolling Stones, WATT review, Italy, September 2013

Solo Exhibitions:

_ Santa Sangre_ CNX Gallery, Berlin 2016                                                                                                                                                                                            _ Where the Gods Sleep_ R. Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin 2014                                                                                                                                       _ The SurgicalPoetry, Cell 63 Gallery, Berlin,  2012
_ Seven, Dysphunctions of Desire,  XLab Corrosive Art Farm, Berlin 2011

Some Collective Exhibitions/ Live Painting

_ Artcore International 14, London, 2014
_ Blu Ball Festival, Luzern, 2013
_ Stroke Urban Art Fair, Post Bahnof, Berlin,  2011 and 2012
_ Corrosive Conteiner,  Spazio Concept, Milano 2011
_ Il drago di Giorgio,  De Faveri Art Gallery, Belluno 2009
_ Creature di Carta, Galleria 64, Baricella 2009
_ Rumore,  FUMETTO Festival, Luzern 2007