My minotaur for Dédale

I generally don’t believe in coincidences , but being asked a few weeks ago for  an illustration  of a minotaur was definitely something special .

In the last months I’ve been somehow dealing with the archetype of the minotaur  and this figure is being present in my life on different levels.

Illustrating it,  felt  like the best conclusion of this process.

Les Editions Solstice, The Minesweeper Collective and Cagibi are responsible for this hand-made, screen-printed book called “Dédale”, that has the shape of a labyrinth and explores this ancient Greek myth.

(More info about the book and how to get it HERE)

the four keys and the Chapter #6 exhibition

Tonight is  the night. Chapter #6 exhibition starts at 20.

I’m presenting my new series of paintings, The four keys, inspired to the four indispensable conditions to attain the sanctum regnum, according to the 19th century french occultist Eliphas Levi. TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENCE.

I’ll be in great company, there are so many great artists involved in this collective exhibition!! Thanks to La Cave Gallery from Paris and of course TheArter Gallery for hosting the event.


Going north. One afternoon with Blo

Yesterday afternoon I went all the way up to north Berlin, in Wedding, to visit the amazing Blo in his studio at Stattbad Berlin, a cultural complex that was used to be a state swimming pool compound.

We spent a pleasant afternoon sketching together .

it’s been a nice playground for new techniques, tools and styles. Check out what we did with his amazing calligraphy nibs.

And next time we’re going to go big!!!

Noise, alchemy transmutation and slaughterhouses

Yesterday I finally leafed through the last Datacide issue, still smelling of freshly copied sheet (or maybe that was just in my head).

Actually the glorious issue 14 is been released a  week ago in London  during the Anarchist Bookfair.

I illustrated the essay ” Dancing with Death: The excremental, the Sacred& Ecstatic Community in Free Party Culture” by Hannah Lammin.

The essay starts from  free parties in a disused abattoir in Hackney Wick, to analyze the “architectural metaphors, which connect the structure of logical systems with the monuments that express a society’s ideal nature”. With a comparison of the old slaughterhouse “quarantined by the good folk” and the free parties, set apart from the so-called normal life.
She examines the sacredprofane dichotomy in this modern times “rituals” that starts in/with the lowest matter, what she calls squat juice,to elevate itself to an ecstasy state.

When I got offered to illustrate this essay I was reading  about alchemy transmutation and the text  made me think of the Nigredo state, which is related to putrefaction. The alchemists believed that as a first step all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter, it is  the decomposition needed to elevate matter to an higher  state.

So here’s the result.

And if you want to read the whole essay, to know more about Datacide and how/where to get it click here

CAVE Chapter#6 and the new series "the four Keys"

The winter finally arrived in Berlin and the world outside my window seems grey and boring.

So I locked myself in the studio for the past few days, the result: the first painting of a new series called “The four keys” that will be presented at CAVE Chapter#6, on the 21st of November.

I’m super excited about this show because my babies are going to be in great company. There will be artworks from HR GIGER, JOHN SANTERINEROSS, DIDIER RA, BASTIEN LECOUFFE and many many more. (Here the whole  list )

The exhibition is curated by the Parisian gallery La Cave and it’s hosted by the berliner gallery theARTer.

I can’t wait but I’d better go back to work, time is running fast and there’s still a lot of paint to be spread.

Meantime in Ravenna: Komikazen Festival!

While I’m spending my days drawing in my studio in the grey Berlin, some of my drawings flew to Ravenna, Italy, headed to the Komikazen Festival. Lucky them!

On the occasion of the festival there will be an  exhibition dedicated to G.I.U.D.A. Geographica Institute of Unconventional Drawing Arts a magazine published by Associazione Mirada, with whom I’ve collaborated for the last 3 Issues.

 At the exhibition you will find the original drawings of the short comic I did about Fonzie’s old age



and also the drawing for the collective stories that distinguish G.I.U.D.A. magazine , in whom several artists are working on the same page.




Wall of Dexterity

As expected here I am, still with paint spots up to my elbow but super happy for the blasting days at Signs of Dexterity.

Many copies of Moonmilk  (each of them with a customized cover) found their new owners, even the original cover illustration, that was part of the collective exhibition, found a new family.

I swapped and bought zines and artworks, among which a limited edition silkscreen print by Shintaro Kago, I got to know great people, found a lot of inspirational art, I got to paint a mural with  Le Nevralgie Costanti, Los Mutartis and Shaltmira and above all I had a lot of fun.

Signs of dexterity and the Moonmilk book

This weekend the mint green building where my studio is located is going to host a special art event, Signs of Dexterity.


On the occasion of the festival I printed my first diy mini book, Moonmilk, with the technical support from 451 press.You can find it at the festival and later on I’ll spread some copies around (pm me for more info)




I look forward to 3 days of exhibitions, zines market, performances and so on. I’ll share a big white wall with Shaltmira and Le Nevralgie Costanti, with whom I did this illustration a few months ago.

It’s going to be a big mural!!

I’ll get back here in a few days , probably with my hands still covered in paint.

big paint buckets, big brushes and a wall

Size does matter, painting on a big wall is fulfilling, funny and relaxing at the same time. It is even better when it’s about such a nice event, with old friends and really nice live music.


La Strapegna is a writers festival organized in Rimini (Italy) by Romagna in Fiore, two days of graffitis with writers from all over Italy, live music, breakers and of course, typical food.


Even if the chase of the the summer was a failure, also there it was already to cold to take a swim in the see, during this 20 days abroad I had a blast with friends and family and I managed to  get my hands dirty with paint several time.


With (out) a Paint

On Friday I had the chance to be on stage with an incredible jazz quintet. “With(out) a paint” is a project that mixes live improvised music with live improvised painting. The goal is to influence each other and let images and notes flow together.

That’s the result of the 2hours show of last night with my father Roberto Monti, Simone La Maida, Manuela Prioli, Cristian Berardi and Pasquale Montuori.

Rural traditions and the Obelix's cauldron


Making tomato sauce isn’t very hard, but it’s definitely labor intensive. And it’s also a sort of a summer tradition in Italy, a rural “ritual” that involves the all family, sometimes even the neighbours.

I arrived at my mom’s place too late this year, I missed the house getting messy and full of jars, the smell of fresh tomatoes tickling your nose and the patio getting crowded with kilos of fresh tomatoes.As a kid I remember it would always make me think of Obelix, because of the huge pots used to boil the jars and vacuum seal them. I also remember being chased off by my grandma because the gas cylinder was dangerous and I wasn’t anyway strong enough to spin the handle of the tomato strainer.

Last year I got really excited about taking part of the procedure, willing to help and finally strong enough to spin the tomato strainer handle.

Anyway it wasn’t as funny as it looked back then and I got tired pretty soon, abandoned the tomato strainer and started drawing that fascinating procedure.
I ended up with this short comic about the amazing ecosystem of Ca’Merone, this tiny town where my mom lives.


Comic book adventures

I guess now that big part of it is is done I can speak about it and show a sneaky, tiny preview of this big project I’ve been working on.

I’m working on a comic book together with the writer Alessia Di Giovanni, and it’s going to be published in March by “Becco Giallo”.

This is the longest comic adventure I had so far and this has been a peculiar and busy summer here at the headquarter in Berlin.

Me and my lovely assistant  are now going to chase the summer, I hope that there will be still some left in Austria and Italy.

I’ll post some updates about the comic from the mobile working station.