CAVE Chapter#6 and the new series "the four Keys"

The winter finally arrived in Berlin and the world outside my window seems grey and boring.

So I locked myself in the studio for the past few days, the result: the first painting of a new series called “The four keys” that will be presented at CAVE Chapter#6, on the 21st of November.

I’m super excited about this show because my babies are going to be in great company. There will be artworks from HR GIGER, JOHN SANTERINEROSS, DIDIER RA, BASTIEN LECOUFFE and many many more. (Here the whole  list )

The exhibition is curated by the Parisian gallery La Cave and it’s hosted by the berliner gallery theARTer.

I can’t wait but I’d better go back to work, time is running fast and there’s still a lot of paint to be spread.