Rural traditions and the Obelix's cauldron


Making tomato sauce isn’t very hard, but it’s definitely labor intensive. And it’s also a sort of a summer tradition in Italy, a rural “ritual” that involves the all family, sometimes even the neighbours.

I arrived at my mom’s place too late this year, I missed the house getting messy and full of jars, the smell of fresh tomatoes tickling your nose and the patio getting crowded with kilos of fresh tomatoes.As a kid I remember it would always make me think of Obelix, because of the huge pots used to boil the jars and vacuum seal them. I also remember being chased off by my grandma because the gas cylinder was dangerous and I wasn’t anyway strong enough to spin the handle of the tomato strainer.

Last year I got really excited about taking part of the procedure, willing to help and finally strong enough to spin the tomato strainer handle.

Anyway it wasn’t as funny as it looked back then and I got tired pretty soon, abandoned the tomato strainer and started drawing that fascinating procedure.
I ended up with this short comic about the amazing ecosystem of Ca’Merone, this tiny town where my mom lives.