Seven, dysfunctions of desire

Solo Exhibition at XLAB Gallery, Berlin, 2011


Darkam sinks into  this theme  sectioning it like a scalpel, so direct and crude in her elegant and dark symbolism , perforating the surface as a piercing and giving birth to spiritual and bodily mutations: there is no more vice or virtue, sin or redemption, she talks directly about dysphuncions of desire, lusts of restless and never fulfilled souls, so deeply rooted in human being to become prosthesis, mutations, deformities or amputations.

yet  these creatures, dressed in the Evil's cloths, populate the sleep of reason in this atrocity exhibition that is called the existence of modern man, where anger, greed, lust are inherent characteristics of human being, like nettles  grown in concrete making their way by sealing sutures of our soul.

Paola Verde