Where the gods sleep

Solo Exhibition at R._Raum für drastische Maßnahmen, Berlin

25.07.14 _ 08.08.14


“Knowledge is like the snake of eternity,
constantly eating itself and never finishing”

Let us be quiet for a second, listen to the gods sleeping.
They sleep through the daylight madness and the hidden obligations.
Gods yawns are loud enough to open canyons and generate stars.
Their dreams are made of sticky pollen, bees embroiding eternal paths.
There, the bedtime tales are made out of ancient ropes and each knot has its own story.

“Where the gods sleep” is a selection of illustrated still shots of that world; where outlines are untidy as hair on a pillow, but also as sharp as a scalpel.
A place where the only sound is the buzz of the bees,
a place where the gods sleep but their mind is wide open.


Photos by Andrea Barracu